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18 Months

It's been 18 months (today) since I moved from New Berlin, WI to Spokane, WA. 18 MONTHS!!! I can't even believe it's been that long! Feels longer. I only say that because in 18 months I got married and had a baby, most people don't have all that happen within less then 5 years. Hell Jordan's sister Angela was with her husband for 9 years before they got married! They didn't get pregnant either! I must take after my mom, easily impregnated (she had 10 kids and there were even 2 miscarraiges! So we almost had 12 kids!) I'm just looking forward to things settling down. We're working on moving into our own place soon, getting our business off the ground, just some simple things. Things most people don't have to deal with when they first get married. Part of me feels like I lived 5 years worth of experiences in the past 18 months. I feel so old...so...distant from most my old friends. My single friends don't even return my calls anymore! A few of my engaged friends are nearly as bad! It's somewhat surreal.

Well in other news, my grandpa is coming into town with one of my cousin's. They're going to meet us for dinner so he can finally see Phoenix in person. He lives in Seattle and we weren't able to make it over there in Sep. like we wanted to T_T. My cousin Heather Nicole is considering going to a college down in Walla Walla, WA called Whitman so she flew from West Virginia to Seattle and my grandpa drove her down to Walla Walla. Heather's grandparents live up here in Spokane too, so that's why my grandpa wanted to come see us. I know he wants to meet his great-grandson. I'll be taking plenty of pictures, I plan to share them as soon as I get a chance ^_^. Well my eyes feel strange, I need to get off the computer.
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