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Thanksgiving Picture

Hey everyone,
hope you all had good thanksgiving dinners and time with family. Ours was really nice. We had Yvonne's sister (adopted) Wanda, her husband Chris and boys Wesley and Eric there. Jared, Shasta, and Teagan were there, as was Jordan's grandpa (Richard), and of course Alycia, Austin, and Rob (who I didn't get any pictures of because he's freakishly anti-social!)

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Jared, Jordan, Shasta, Alycia, and I played a couple games of Texas Holdom. It was funny because Shasta had drank about 5 Mimosas' and was a bit rummy. I had 2 and was at the point where I was giggly. While we were playing uncle Chris took the turkey out (he was helping Yvonne cook), and was poking at it. He says: "Well the breast is done." Shasta and I burst out laughing, it just came out so funny, we kept giggling about it for while. Well a bit later Chris is talking to Yvonne about some knives, and says: "Oh those Japanese knives are great for boning." I started laughing so hard! He looks at me funny and asks me what I'm laughing about, I just kept giggling, and said if he didn't get I wasn't going to explain it. Then he made it worse and said "you know they're good for boning chickens" I lost it! Then Shasta came back and I told her what Chris said and she started laughing too. Jared, Jordan, and Alycia didn't get why we thought it was so funny, but they did all kind of laugh at Chris boning chickens. All in all it was a really nice evening. More so because I wasn't pregnant and dealing with massive heart-burn like last year! Well hope you all are doing well, God bless.

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