gone (casting_stones) wrote in babymaking,

Love Survey

I stole this from my friend Melissa

1. What is you relationship status? Happily married for almost a year now.
2. If you are with someone, how long have you been together? We've been friends for 3 years, in love for 2 1/2 of those 3 and married for almost 1 of those 3.
3. Why did your last relationship end? N/A Jordan is the only guy I've ever been with.
4. Do you still speak to that person? N/A
5. When it comes to people you date, how old is too old? How young is too young? I always felt "too old" was 10+ my age, "too young" is a anything more then a year yonger then me.
6. How long was your longest relationship? The one I'm in. almost 3 years.
7. Do you think a relationship can survive cheating? Yes, but only if both parties are willing to accept what happened, move on, and change their attitudes about the matter.
8. Does the idea of an open relationship appeal to you? No!
9. Is the person you are dating the best sex you have ever had? LMAO of course! He's also the only person I've ever been with ^_^
10. Do you think you are good in bed? Jordan tells me I am, so that's what counts.
11. What's more important to you good sex or good conversation? I'm not sure, I think both are equally important for a relationship to work well.
12. Who is "the one that got away"? N/A
13. Does your friends opinion of your significant other matter to you? Nope. I hope they like him, but if they don't it's their loss.
14. Do you discuss your past relationships / sexual history with your significant other? Yes.
15. Have you ever been with someone you wished you were in love with? Meh when I was younger probably, but not anymore.
16. What is something you should work on for your next relationship or to make your current relationship better? I need to stop intterupting him when he's talking--and ruining his stories--that annoys him more then ANYTHING!
17. What are the top three things you need in a relationship? Unconditional affection, honesty, trust
18. Are you a good boyfriend / girlfriend? No, I'm a good wife ^____^
19. What is the wildest thing you have ever done to woo someone? I moved 2000mi from Wisconsin back to Washington to be near Jordan, even though my dad won't speak to me anymore or allow my sibs and mom to speak to me either.
20. What is the wildest thing anyone has ever done to woo you? He's not really a wild person, he's done some sweet things, like planning to transfere to a college in Milwaukee, WI just so we could be near each other--regardless the cost--but it's been more sweet things he's done to woo me ^_^.
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