gone (casting_stones) wrote in babymaking,

New Photos

Hey everyone,
So I promised some pictures of Phoenix with his great-grandpa, well I only got 2 pictures. He got extremely fussy when my grandpa held him. I think he's really starting to recognize faces and voices. He wouldn't stop screaming! I've never seen him do that before, I think part of it was his teeth (he's starting to cut some and they bother him once in a while), but I think he was scared too. Ah well, here's all the new pictures, enjoy.

great-grandpa 1 | great-grandpa 2 | second-cousin Heather | pooh onesie 1 | pooh onesie 2 | pooh onesie 3 | pooh onesie 4 | pooh onesie 5 | couch potato 1 | couch potato 2 | couch potato 3 | little family 1 | little family 2 | little family 3 | little family 4
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