Ashley (ashleykristin) wrote in babymaking,


Does anyone here have PCOD? If so, how long were you TTC? Any natural remedies that help? My midwife is thinking I may have it (my previous doctor thought I did) and it scares me. My sister-in-law had it and they TTC for 3 years before having in-vitro. My husband are starting to try now and I (I'm sure like all women) want to have a baby soon, and am super worried that we won't be able to. My periods (I have been off of BC for 6 months, and will never go back on) have been kinda weird. The first was 2 weeks off, the second 4 days off, the third was a week off, the fourth is a week and 1 day off etc. Any suggestions or help? I've been taking Vitex but kind of sporadically. After my period I hope to take it more regularly...if I ever get my period. TIA!

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